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Picture of Dr. Steven Mark Sachs  Meet the Author

    Dr. Steven Mark Sachs discovered his love for the macabre watching monster and science fiction movies in the 1950s and early 1960s at the Fairfax Theater in Los Angeles, California.  Over a lifetime he has, by different routes, deepened his knowledge, honed his skills, and has now written Special Delivery, the macabre at its best.   Educated in the social, biological, and physical sciences, Sachs has a body of professional work that includes writing credits in human anatomy, physiology, geology, zoology and other disciplines.  He brings much of this multiplicity to bear on Special Delivery.

    As a Phi Beta Kappa professor, psychologist, instrument-rated pilot with instructor credentials, hypnotist, TV and movie actor, college-level textbook writer, college counselor, California real estate licensee, musician, Microsoft-Certified Master Computer Instructor, scientific research consultant, Harley rider, business computer applications consultant, and humorist, Dr. Sachs has been referred to as today's Renaissance Man.

    Add to this his studies in nursing, hypnosis, scientific and marketing research, and multiple foreign languages, and you have the experiential mix that launches Dr. Sachs' first novel.  Sachs brings to the intrepid reader a challenge that goes back to his childhood love of horror, mayhem and the downright scary.

    For a detailed Curriculum Vitae, please click HERE.