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The Characters of Special Delivery

Here's a list of most of the Special Delivery characters and just a bit of description for each one.  This list has been crafted to give away no juicy secrets!

Name Background
Amargo, Frank Filipino wing secretary, Queen of Angels Hospital
Arrow, Penny Nurse, Queen of Angels Hospital
Audlin, Terry Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Blücher, Anna, Mrs. Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Blücher, Erich Husband of Anna
Blücher, Genya Sister of Erich and therefore aunt to the Blücher kids.
Blücher, Helmut Retarded and coordinated son of Anna and Erich.
Boating, Bob Linda’s husband
Boating, Linda Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Bodnir, Andre, Dr. Chair of Dept. of Anthropology at Minion Valley CC
Borstad, Jimmy Child living near Dickinson's
Bowles, Mrs. Playground supervisor at Mandy Shapiro's school
Cane, Dr. Robert Professor of Anthropology at Minion Valley CC
Chung, Joy Medical Records supervisor at Queen of Angels Hospital
Clark, Melissa Perry Clark's mother
Clark, Perry Child living near Dickinson's
Crumple, Fay A neighbor of the Boatings
D'Angostino, Maria, Dr. ER admitting doctor for Frau Blücher
DuBois, Phyllis Dr. Gold's front office lady
Earl, Monica Legal assistant to D.A. Brian Ogilve
Edroiuan, Dr. Nicolas Professor of Romanian Medieval History, University of Babes Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvaina
El-Kareem, Dr. Mourad  La-TaKeisha Jefferson's doctor
Eva Girl in Countess scenes
Fonescu, Dr. Rade Professor, Medical University of Transylvania
Fontaine, Margaret "Chili" A frequently-arrested prostitute
Forman, Francine Recently-conferred nurse-midwife
Franklin, Howard Judge at the trial
Ghial Girl in Countess scenes
Gold, Dr. Coop Physician
Gomez, Sharona Owner of Dickinson’s Nurse Registry
Gray, Jane Police officer
Haberdeen, George Also called "G-Man."  Detective with Bridgeport PD
Harris, Herb Officer at Bridgeport PD
Harris, Jane Officer Harris' wife
Hawkings, Ben, Detective Officer, Milford PD
Holdar, Derek The Countess' officiary
Ipple, Lisa Detective Haberdeen's girlfriend
Jeffers, La-TaKeisha Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Limit, Rento Villager at the back door
Magenalene Girl in Countess scenes
Milliken, Andrew Lisbath's father
Milliken, Charisse Lisbath's mother
Milliken, Deborah Lisbath's older sister
Milliken, Lisbath Nurse-midwife around whom Special Delivery revolves
Mire, Karlon Avondale Lake Hall of Records clerk.
Moraga, Humberto Detective for Bridgeport PD
Neaton, Linda Floor supervisor at Queen of Angels Hospital
NoNameYet, Gertie A neighbor of the Boatings
NoSurname, Penelope Runs Bridgeport Home for Girls
O’Herlihey, Michael, Father Priest, friend of Rabbi Shapiro
Oddwad, Constable Officer for Avondale Lake PD
Ogilve, Brian District Attorney D.A. prosecuting Milliken
Pantucket, Harry In Larry Pink's article
Pantucket, Jeannie In Larry Pink's article
Pelt, Bill, Dr. Bridgeport Coroner
Perkins, Joanie Manager of Yankee Pines
Perling, Betty Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Peters, Robert Connecticut health department officer talking with Haberdeen.  1st name not used yet.
Pettridge, Wanda Nurse at Dickinson's
Pink, Larry Newspaper Reporter
Pinzil, Geogeh Countess' assistant
Plantine, Mr. Teacher at Mandy Shapiro's school
Pope, Mrs. Woman sharing hospital room with Anna Blücher
Rime, Susie Nurse at Dickinson's
Sack, Dr. Mark One of Lisbath's doctors
Shapiro, Chaim, Rabbi Mandy's
Shapiro, Mandele Rabbi's daughter
Shapiro, Selma Rabbi Shapiro's wife
Smithson, Lucinda Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Spender, Jake Officer at "The Park"
Spindell, Terry Anna Blücher’s best friend, present at Anna’s child’s birth.
Stade, Karen Nurse at Dickinson's
Stevenson, Judd Sgt. Detective Haberdeen's Detective-Sergeant's boss
Suddickton, Linda Nurse-Midwife professor at University
Sweetie, noname Orderly at "The Park"
Teitelmeier, Constance Big T news reporter
Thust, Jon Villagers' leader
Turnbull, Gerald Jackie's husband.
Turnbull, Jackie Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Tween, Dr. Victor Psychologist
Wallace, Doris Patient of Lisbath Milliken
Wallace, Kevin Husband of Doris Wallace
Wallace, Linette Baby born to Doris and Kevin.
Washington, Eulah Nurse at "The Park"
Willis, Maxine "Max" Supervisor at "The Park"
Windham, Anna Attorney
Yoge, Barbara Sharona's Gomez's college friend
Zink, Rufus Bailiff