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Behind-The-Scenes of Special Delivery

We will provide tidbits of background and secrets of Special Delivery once in a while.  Be sure to check back from time to time!


A screenplay based on Special Delivery is being crafted by screenwriter Tom Jenks in consultation with Dr. Sachs.  It differs in many ways from the book; some of them will be detailed here in future revelations.

The character of public defender Anna Windham is named after a real attorney with a very similar name.  She is the most brilliant female friend Dr. Sachs has ever had, yet she is nothing like the faint-hearted Windham in the novel!

The character of Officer Oddwadd in of the Avondale Lake Police Department is based on an actual police captain whose name is very similar to "Oddwadd."  He has of course received ribbing about this name!

Detective Haberdeen was originally written as a character with several hiccup bouts every day.  He carried around multiple hiccup cures and used them randomly.  Considerable hiccup-cure research provided "cures" from countries around the world, both medical and absurd.  However, the editorial staff at Durban House convinced Dr. Sachs that adding this comedic element to an otherwise dark story would interfere with its purity, so Haberdeen is hiccup-free.

The Special Delivery cover design went through no fewer than five iterations.  Many hours were involved in rendering the eyes on the cover's far left correctly.