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 Special Delivery

a Novel by

Steven Mark Sachs


Special Delivery
a Novel by
Steven Mark SachsWelcome to the Special Delivery website!

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In the losing battle of good vs. evil, evil often wields the serrated edge.

Special Delivery is the story of a nurse-midwife Lisbath Milliken, whose initial innocence transforms into an escalating passion for blood. The book weaves modern medicine with ancient, factual history and the occult; happy daydreams with blood-spattered torture ceremonies; and the naïveté of the child with the viciousness of the madwoman.

Set in current-day Connecticut, Special Delivery opens our nurse-midwife receives an assignment. Milliken has been delivering healthy babies for decades, but she secretly extracts extra blood during the births. For herself. And for her peculiar pet. When a Rabbi’s young daughter spies this foul ritual, the wheels of justice roll veteran detective George Haberdeen into the picture.

Milliken’s activities become progressively bizarre while detective Haberdeen is forced to deal with concepts far beyond his police experience. Eventually in contact with the head of Anthropology at Romania’s Central University, Haberdeen’s research contact comes to believe that Milliken is an unwitting vampire, a victim of the p-21 gene recently discovered at the University of California.

Milliken is ultimately brought to trial. She is rolled into the courtroom bound to a gurney, pitifully spectacular and out of control in her blood-and-drool-drenched hospital gown. It is in the courtroom that the true motive force makes his spellbinding appearance.

Throughout Special Delivery, Red Death’s Angel (as the press labels Milliken) experiences frightening, deadly challenges as her enslaved spirit seeks expression – and survival. Yet this battle is secondary to the biological imperative flourishing within her.